Lithium battery charger


Lithium Batteries for Industrial Use

Lithium-Ion batteries have considerably greater energy density, making them the available choice for heavy equipment batteries, Stackers, Forklifts, AGVs, Mobile, Robots etc.




Automated Guided Vehicle

Electric Vehicle




Twice the energy provides twice the runtime.

Flat voltage curve means no change in vehicle performance throughout discharge.

Lithium phosphate batteries have 10 times the cycle life vs. lead acid batteries.

Fast charging during shift breaks. Can be safely recharged in 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

No gassing; sealed, maintenance free design.

Provides accurate State of Charge from integrated BMS.

Lithium Battery Chargers

Charging Lithium batteries is a complex process. Incorrect charging can lead to damaging the battery. The charging profiles vary depending on the chemistry of the Li battery. The charger should also take input from the BMS of the battery.

Sirius starting developing Li chargers many years ago. We worked together with a leading Li battery manufacturer and developed the charging profile.

We have supplied chargers of 48V, 150A for a 60Ah Li battery as well as 48V, 30A for 30 – 100Ah batteries.

Please send us your battery specifications, the name of the manufacturers, the chemistry, recharge time preferred etc, and we will send you a techno-commercial quote.

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