About Us

about us

About Us

Sirius has been designing, developing and manufacturing battery chargers in India since 1986. Sirius now has over 75,000 chargers working in India and overseas.

Our chargers have proven their ruggedness and reliability by working in industrial environments. Our chargers are present in every state and union territory in India. Our chargers are now exported to the Middle East and other parts of the globe.
The Sirius engineering team has many firsts to its credit.

Our Focus area is on the Battery Operated Material Handling (BOMH) segment.

Our chargers are designed for use with Flooded Lead Acid batteries, VRLA batteries and Lithium batteries. We have different charging profiles for various types of batteries.

Why Sirius Charger?

Sirius Chargers are designed to increase battery life:

  • The Advanced Digital Circuits for Precise Controlled Current Charging Profile ensure that battery is 100% charged in every charging cycle.
  • Constant current equalizing charge to keep batteries in optimum condition.
  • All India service network to maximize uptime operation of chargers
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